Cultural Connector


I go by DBB, David B, the Dude with the hair…

And I'm an aesthetic connoisseur. If you want to get technical, I'm a creative producer. Living and loving life in Brooklyn, NY with my wife Aviva (a visual designer), and our street-smart pup Bebop (the Jazz Poodle), I'm often spotted roaming the streets, soaking up inspiration and gathering information.

Inspire. Lead. Cajole. Make Shit Happen!

I’ve been called “Mr. Optimism", as I ascribe to the belief that people are inherently good. We live in a world of abundance and untapped potential. My job is to expose that energy.

Creative Producer. Instigator. Connector. Marketer. Leader.

I do my best when working with creators of all stripes whose work I believe can produce a positive impact on society. Individual. Local. National. Global. It all starts with empowering "amazing" with a solid strategy to move an audience to take action.

The guiding mantra is “Contribute to the Positive".
So, if your looking for a guy like me, here I am!
Ready to rock and roll?

My Focused Energy

CULTURAL Relevance

Trends. Taste. Education. Approach. Social Norms. Preference. It’s all mashed up into the gumbo we call CULTURE. Staying in the conversation is critical and I help brands and creators make the connection.



Bits & Bytes. Digital life is Real life. Many of my professional engagements have centered around projects that thrive on the Internet. It's my second home.
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The sounds that make you tap your toes, nod your head, raise your arms in the air. If it's got the right tempo, you might even 'cut a rug'. Music defines me. I've been curating for a few years now. Rock the mixes (coming soon).



Retail covers what, when, where, and how things are bought and sold. Real. Tangible. Consumable. Live. If it is transactional IRL, I'm paying attention.


Seeking to make some sense of the firehose of daily information, I'm interested in the ways that we connect. Face-to-face, or anonymously across the globe, we humans have a lot to share.


Sustainability & Support

Taking care of what we've got is just the right thing to do; occasionally, we need a reminder. I do my part as co-founder and active member of Worldwide Psychos, a charitable group focused on direct-to-recipient support.