2005 - As Serious As Your Life

As Serious As Your Life


2005: I feel that it is my duty as your friend of aquaintence to try and expose you to some of the music that has rocked my world recently. It is really difficult for me to fit what I want on to a single CD, so I picked some songs taht will hopefully appeal to a broad audience. Please give each track a chance. If you don't dig it, just skip it next time!

I sincerely hope that everyone can find at least something worthwhile on this one. Feel free to ask me about anything you like in particular as you know I'd love to talk about it.

01. Happy Kid - NADA SURF
Nada Surf's album Let Go has become one of my all time favorites, and thusly the band starts this compilation. If you like this, check out the rest of the album.

02. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) - ARCADE FIRE
Getting Arcade Fire to perform at Tufts with some of my best friends was a dream come true. Listen to this and you'll know why.

03. Miracle Drug - AC Newman
A.C. Newman was great live! He also plays the role of front man in the New Pornographers.

04. Speedbumps - LUNA
Although I first heard this song during the cold Boston winter, listening to it makes me remember driving around in the summer. Too bad this band just broke up.

05. Seventeen Years - RATATAT
Hit the dance floor as I "kick it from my head". Great duo.

06. As Serious As Your Life - FOUR TET
Four Tet and some of the others on this CD make amazing use of sonic texture. It is late at night, but you have to turn this song way up.

07. Blood and Peanutbutter - B.C. Camplight
This artist performed recently with the Color Bars. Catchy as hell. Dig it.

08. Counting Down the Hours - Ted Leo
Long time favorite and all-around good guy, Ted Leo has just put out another great album, Shake the Sheets, from which this song is taken.

09. ...Meets his Maker - DJ SHADOW
Just listen to this as the snow is falling outside.

10. Killing an Arab - THE CURE
Seems like everyone has something to say about The Cure this year. This song is about Camus' existential book The Stranger. Read it and listen to this.

Probably the biggest breakout success of the year. The entire album is as good as you'd hope it to be. This is the last track from it.

12. With Age - KARATE
Bands this good should be more popular. Slow down a little, see their live show and pay attention.

13. Ba Ba Ba - AKUDAMA
Blake from AKUDAMA had to record this song because I love it so. He pays tribute to the late, great, Elliott Smith.

14. Admit One - THE MAIN DRAG
Another Endless Recordings band who released a record this year. I tell the singer that this song is why we are friends.

15. Bukowski - MODEST MOUSE
Gosh, I love Modest Mouse. Amazing new record this year. Get it.

16. Baby, You're In Luck - APOSTLE OF HUSTLE
This one comes from a side project of Broken Social Scene. Canada knows what's up.

17. Little Yellow Spider - DEVENDRA BANHART
The most interesting person in the indie music scene who I'd hope all of you get to meet sometime, if only for five minutes.

18. Good Morning Love (I'll Go) - CHRIS WARREN
This song comes from a limited edition disc of songs from the singer of local group Officer May (whom I love). Shows that he writes great short acoustic songs too.

19. Carolina - BEN GIBBARD
A song from a split E.P. in the Home series with the singer of Death Cab For Cutie. 

20. Let's Get Lost - ELLIOTT SMITH
From his posthumous album, I will continue to miss the introspective genius that was Elliott Smith, who we lost this year.

21. Cat Faces - UGLY CASANOVA
Modest Mouse singer's side project. Enough said.

22. On Your Way - THE ALBUM LEAF
OK, you can fall asleep now. Thanks for listening to some of the songs that have inspired me this year.