2007 - I Know More Than I Knew Before

I Know more than I knew Before


2007: I feel as though I have lived two years over the course of the last twelve months, mostly due to the fact that I relocated from Boston to Brooklyn directly in the middle of the year. Now in NYC, pursuing my music career, I am enrolled in a Music Business graduate program and have been setting out to establish myself.

Earlier in the year I found great success with the release of the “Knocks From The Underground” compilation and the subsequent press attention. I also traveled a bit: to Pittsburg (in the dead of winter), to Florida (in the middle of summer) and notably, back to Massachusetts (though this time to the boonies) to watch Akudama, an Endless Recordings band, create and track their upcoming 2008 release.

For this CD, yes, I have omitted some important releases, but check out the “additional listening” at the end for more selections. Thank you for being part of my life in 2007, and here’s to the year ahead. (Note: this disk goes out to a lot of people, and I try to include something for everyone, if you don’t like something, skip it.) Please play this LOUD.

This is for you.

01. My World - THE GO TEAM!
The perfect intro comes from this 2007 fun-monster of a record. Welcome…

02. I Feel it All - FEIST
Lady Feist may be one of the biggest breakthrough acts this year.  I adore her voice; who cares if this gets played on Adult Contemporary radio?

03. Summer Special - LAND OF TALK
Watch out for a full length in 2008. Montreal has a silly habit of harboring some of the most innovative artists in indie rock.

04. D.A.N.C.E. - JUSTICE
I would be remiss to not include the party-banger of the year. 

05. Down Boy - YEAH YEAH YEAHS
Perennial Brooklyn favorites. The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s represent my new ‘hood.

06. Golden Skans - KLAXONS
If you don’t caught up in the lush harmonies in this one you must not have ears.

07. Knights - MINUS THE BEAR
Listening to MTB always reminds me of the feeling of floating in the water on a warm summer night. A piece of you for a piece of me.

08. Boyz - M.I.A.
M.I.A. has been at the forefront of  the musical avant-guard since she first came onto the scene. I really hope that we’ll have more exciting music like this to come.

09. Lovely Allen - HOLY FUCK
Beautiful, Triumphant, Epic! Their name really says it all.

10. North American Scum - LCD SOUNDSYSTEM
Probably my most obvious choice for best single of 2007. LCD/Arcade Fire/Blonde Redhead/Les Savy Fav comprised the best live bill of the year.

11. Bone Broke - THE WHITE STRIPES
White Stripes performed on the last day of Bonnaroo, and it was worth the wait. 2 people+1 stage+60,000 crazed fans= Awesomeness.

12. Me & Mr. Jones - AMY WINEHOUSE
I have to hand it to Franx (Middle East) for turning me on to Amy early on.

13. Worst Trip - DR. DOG
Is there a more earnest, fun, scruffy, 60’s-esq rock band from Philly out there right now? I’d argue no. Check these guys out if you have not yet.

14. Into the Hollow - QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE
Consistent till the end, QOTSA have yet to put out a record that I don’t like; line-up changes, fame, loss of fame, nothing phases this band.

15. Love During Wartime - THE MAIN DRAG
Former Endless Recordings artist, Adam Arrigo and his Main Drag put out a great self-released record earlier this year. This is one of my favorite new cuts.

16. Oh My God - MARK RONSON (Feat. LILY ALLEN)
Two birds with one stone here. Actually three: Mark Ronson produced Lily Allen’s cover of Kaiser Chief’s greatest song. London represent!

17. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb - SPOON
If you know me, you know that I love Spoon. This is a Spoon song.

18. Amsterdam - PETER BJORN AND JOHN
It was difficult not to choose “Young Folks.” If you haven’t hear that one, please get on it ASAP.

19. Sofa Song - The Kooks
Having been around the Astralwerks office so often, I had to include one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite new releases of theirs.

20. What Would Wolves Do? - LES SAVY FAV
You’ve probably heard me mention that Les Savy Fav is my favorite live band ever. This is still true, and their new album might even be better than Go Forth.

21. Weird - MENOMENA
I feel that Menomena is really pushing the boundaries of rock in a number of meaningful ways. It’s a shame that more people have not discovered them, and is one band that I am really looking to hear more from. Thank you for listening. I hope that you’ve “discovered” something worthwhile.