2008 - I Gotta Fire

I Gotta Fire


2008: This disc that you hold marks the 10th edition of my annual year-end compilation. Like always, I try to showcase music that has been a part of my life over the previous twelve months while maintaining high “production value.” (Always a daunting task)  I have been living in Brooklyn and have taken advantage of the many musical and cultural activities that are afforded here. Free outdoor concerts in the summer, endless days at the beach, outdoor fun with the barbecue, new friends. . . living live to the fullest.

I spent the first half of the year working with Foundations Artist Management, and for the past seven months have had the great pleasure of working for the best boutique media company in the world, MindSmack.TV.

In 2009, Akudama, the band I manage, will begin to reach their full potential, while much of the framework was developed over the past year. I believe in the power of music. While the industry may falter, and America embarks upon tremendous change, you can always take a trip to another place by listening to the sounds provided on this plastic disc. Until next year, please turn up your stereo or headphones and get lost in the sound. This is for you!

01. Ready for the Floor - HOT CHIP
Hot Chip continue to grow their deservingly fanatic fanbase. This song sounds great in virtually any listening environment; I encourage you to turn it up.

02. I Gotta Fire - SPIRITUALIZED
I used to dismiss Spiritualized off hand. I had a preconception that they were some sort of dance/electronica group. I was wrong… The new record is awesome.

03. Modern Guilt - BECK
Many critics deemed this Beck album unworthy compared to his past catalogue. I disagree. Danger Mouse grabbed some great tones, and Beck masters his craft.

04. Mykonos - FLEET FOXES
Without a doubt, Fleet Foxes was my favorite new band this year. I can only hope that the future of music sounds this good. Unbelievable that this track was not included on their first LP, Fleet Foxes, which is also incredible. 

05. Lights & Music - CUT COPY
This is a track that is from my most played summer album. It is really best heard in the context of the record, which I recommend. Wacky New Zelanders.

06. Developing Active People - VIA AUDIO
Via Audio are from Brooklyn, and are certainly one of the most impressive new acts that I have seen in the past few years. Keep an ear out for these guys.

07. Where'd You Go? - JAMIE LIDELL
When I saw Jamie Lidell at Bowery Ballroom this fall he knocked my socks off! This guy can perform, and may even sound better live.

08. Crying - TV ON THE RADIO
TVOR was the hottest Brooklyn band in 2006, and even hotter today. The new record, Dear Science, took a few listens, but it may be my favorite yet.

09. Cake Parade - GEORGIE JAMES
I usually like to show new music to my mom, but this is one band that she thankfully showed to me. Though not featured in this song, the other singer who is featured on 50% of the record is from Q And Not U.

10. The Ark - DR. DOG
Foundations Artist Management’s roster included Dr. Dog who are just awesome. On the mix once again this year, they kill it on stage too.

11. Gravity - THE NOTWIST
Definitely headphone music. Very nice, lush sonic texture.

12. Dreams - FLEETWOOD MAC
My most played track of the year is from 1977, go figure.

13. Victor Jara's Hands - CALEXICO
The music takes you away, a fresh sound knocking from the underground.

14. Weightless - NADA SURF
Nada Surf is back on track with their 2008 release, Lucky. W’burg residents. 

15. Mr Carter - LIL WAYNE
4th year in a row with a Jay-Z guest verse. Passing the torch to Hip Hop’s most truly bizarre personality. I cannot believe that Wayne was up for 8 Grammys in 08.

16. Kim & Jessie - M83
Space Electronic Dance Pop. Need I say more?

17. Techinicolor - NURSES
Calvin from Akudama turned me on to this Portland band, I hope to hear a lot more from them in the years to come.

18. Credit River - CONSTANTINES
The lyrics are quite fitting in light of recent news. Constantines bring it hard.

19. Indicator, Indicator - FACES ON FILM
Mike Fiore is a friend of mine from Boston. His new album is heartbreaking and beautiful. If you can, check out the music at an intimate show.