2010 - Moving Past The Feeling

Moving Past The Feeling


01. The Suburbs - ARCADE FIRE
The Suburbs - Their time has arrived . . . and they deserve it. 

02. Odessa - CARIBOU
Quintessential Summertime Jam. Unbelievably, Caribou is almost as good live. Yeah, a four-piece band. 

03. Revival - DEERHUNTER
A standout track from 2010's record. Halcyon Digest is the first Deerhunter record that I've really been into. The guys know about sound. (Check out 1:21 for proof) 

04. Mouthful of Diamonds - PHANTOGRAM
In lieu of a new Junior Boys record. . . really dig the vibe. 

Quintessential. Iā€™m not sure what to say about this song other than that I strongly urge you to listen to it on headphones a couple of times. 

06. Constant Companion - DENNIS WILSON
I have fellow music maniac, Sam Obey to thank for introducing me to this gem. My favorite "new" tune of 2010 was originally released in 1977. Sam created and gifted to me what quickly became my favorite mix ever, certainly one of this year's highlights for me. 

07. Grow - DELORIAN
Seeing these guys in a very hot (think Amazonian) & very small Glasslands Art Space was a summer highlight. A friend and I caught them at a much cooler outdoor show (@ Stuyvesant Oval) later in the summer. 

08. Forced to Love - BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE
Longtime Favorites, Still Fresh. I remember hearing about these guys back in '03 and immediately loving it. Similar to Arcade Fire, it has been a pleasure listening to these guys grow and continue to put out tunes as good as the ones that hooked me in the first place. From seeing them at my college cafeteria, to a pier on the Westside (their first show in NYC), the Middle East Downstairs (that was actually the hottest/muggiest show I had ever been to) to Central Park Summerstage or Webster Hall, the ever-changing players never ever disappoint. 

09. Norway - BEACH HOUSE
This record, Teen Dream, is exactly that. 

10. I Can Change - LCD SOUNDSYSTEM
My favorite record of the year. If you have any interest in this track, check out the album. I think it's cool that James Murphy lives in my 'hood. 

11. Slow - TWIN SHADOW
George is a friend. I've been waiting for a larger population to hear his enchanting voice and music since I first heard him in Mad Man Films (some of you will remember his former band from a previous mix or as the first track on Knocks from the Underground). 

12. Vaporize - BROKEN BELLS
James Mercer + Dangermouse = Win. Another unique and beautiful voice, this time matched with a sweet acoustic-electronic hybrid song. I want to hear anything that Mercer gets involved with. 

13. Empire State of Mind - Jay Z (feat. ALICIA KEYS)
Gotta give it to Hov for having such staying power and impact on the social fabric of NYC. Seriously, the guy is everywhere. At least we have something other than Gaga to be proud of. (Also, I was on the Times Sq set of the music video) 

14. Jeremy's Storm - TAME IMPALA
These guys are a really young trio from the west side of Australia. I was fortunate enough to see them at Glasslands also this summer. It was awesome. 

15. Winter Winds - MUMFORD AND SONS
A British Decemberists 

16. Get Real Get Right - SUFJAN STEVENS
New sounds from an old favorite. Come to think of it, this mix has a lot of artists that have appeared before. Sufjan has been keeping it interesting (in my world) since 2003. This song comes from a real album's album. Took me a couple of listens through, but now I'm hooked. 

17. Angel Echoes - FOUR TET
Another one of my favorite records of the past year is DJ-based. I had a hard time deciding between this and Love Cry the album's second track. Check that one out too - at 9 minutes, it was simply too long for the physical edition. 

18. A Hundred on the Hill - FACES ON FILM
Mike is another friend from Boston. His new record, The Troubles, is filled with these reverb-drenched, ethereal vocals. More people need to hear this.