2015 - I Know There's Gonna Be Good Times

I Know There's Gonna Be Good Times


01. The Less I Know The Better - TAME IMPALA
I won'€™t be the first or last to say it; Kevin Parker is a musical genius. Everything you hear comes from the mind of one man. Makes me want to visit his hometown of Perth, Australia, simply to exist in his environment for a bit.

02. I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) - JAMIE XX (Feat YOUNG THUG)
I might have included another Young Thug track from his excellent debut album, "Barter 6", were it not so… raw. Instead, how about this tasty title track? Any way you slice it, there's gonna be some good times coming around the corner!

03. Annie - NEON INDIAN
Neon Indian came out of hibernation this year with a funky album filled with unique sounds and a killer backing band to take it on the road. Solid album, front to back.

04. Magnets - DISCLOSURE (Feat LORDE)
Two past favorites teaming up to deliver a HOT TRACK. Damn, they are all so young. Recommended volume: cranked.

05. Alright - KENDRICK LAMAR
Undoubtedly the hottest track off of the most important record of 2015. Kendrick spits the truth. Powerful video to match. 

06. Trndsttr - BLACK COAST
Downtempo groove that perfectly sums up this summer season’s evenings.

07. Off Peak Dreams - GHOSTPOET
Aviva astutely pointed out that yes, I love a cockney accent. British slang is undoubtedly one of my favorite things.

08. coffee - MIGUEL
I'm ready for the criticism on this one. Miguel's latest trumped D'Angelo's. R&B fans, you can bicker amongst yourselves.

09. Permission to Love - HAYDEN JAMES
Pure fun, circa 2015.

10. Weekend - PRIORY
Courtesy of Mr. Matt Jennings. I know this won't be on the playlist in 6 months, but I played this one every Friday this year, so it had to make the mix.

11. I Wish (My Taylor Swift) - THE KNOCKS
Not to boast, but I've already found my own Taytay. No smoke and mirrors here. Dope groove.

A prediction? You'll know Alessia Cara by the end of 2016.

13. Vegas - SHAMIR
Many references to Vegas on this year's mix. What's that about?

14. Never Gets Old - PENGUIN PRISON
The smooth style of Penguin Prison hasn't worn on me yet. Here's another classic.

15. Daylight - MMBLR
This track comes from a sweet little E.P. crafted by an old friend of mine.

16. Living My Life - DEERHUNTER
Bradford Cox & crew stay consistent and release another solid album in 2015, “Fading Frontier”.

17. It's Not Over - ON AN ON
From Minneapolis, ON AN ON has been criminally hovering under the radar for too long.

18. Coming Home - LEON BRIDGES
Leon blew me away at Webster Hall this year. Sam Cooke 2.0 - 'nuff said.

19. Chateau Lobby #4 - FATHER JOHN MISTY
DUDE! What a performer! I hope FJM never looses sight of his muse.

20. Ignition/Do You - PHOEBE RYAN
Someone had to pull this off.