Case Study - Additional Videos

But wait, there's more!

The Smack Pack: Brand Sizzle

After about a year of operating the creative & interactive branding group as The Smack Pack, it was time for our own hype video. The work is from our team. The music is from El Guincho.

Nutmeg: Festivus 2016 (Case Study)

Commonly thought of as a post-production shop, I wanted the Nutmeg's clients to experience the fact that a full stable of creative services beyond audio/video work was now available in-house.

Initially shared as a silly creative idea during a group brainstorm, my concept of building a digital advent-style calendar around the NY-centric theme of Seinfeld's Festivus, this project found a lot of love out there in the world. Not only did the entire staff participate in the creation of the daily goodies, I was able to enlist one of my friends, Lia Strasser, to provide the custom illustrations.

20 pieces of content, delivered over the "Four Weeks of Festivus", this was one gift that just kept giving.

Check out the interactive calendar

Strategic Market Partners: Brand Value Overview (Animation)

Just one example of a "video explainer" created to help prospective clients understand the value offered by Strategic Market Partners.

Strategic Market Partners: Palm Springs Activation (Case Study)

I brought Social Prompter out to Chicago's Union Station during the coldest February on recent record. Why? To let the frozen city dwellers know that they could find a quick & warm getaway to Palm Springs, CA via new direct air routes from O'Hare. This was fun.

AKUDAMA - "Glad" Promotional Stunt

Good fiend & amazing photographer, Jesse Dittmar, directed this video to promote a three-week performance residency that I had secured for a local band called AKUDAMA, whom I managed and served as record label (Endless Recordings). We gathered up friends, practiced some moves in the morning and by the early afternoon were on the streets of downtown Manhattan, surprising passersby with pop up performances of the 50's-inspired tune. 

(We sold out each night of the residency, too)

Krasdale Foods - Sales Support Video

When NYC area B2B institution Krasdale Foods found an opportunity to grow their sales channel, they wanted to leverage the power of video to help salespeople share the company's value proposition in an interesting way. It worked and is still in use today. 

Krasdale Foods - Customer Appreciation

Shot over the course of a single afternoon at the company headquarters, I produced a short video that was used to welcome customers to an offsite appreciation weekend at Atlantic City. Numerous back-to-back interviews with employees and customers resulted in the video you see here.