Case Study - Sea Cuisine

Taking Tacos on the Road

Interactive / Social / Creative Strategy


One summer, not too long ago, my interactive team brought the digital expression for a National Sea Cuisine “Upgrade Your Taco” campaign to life. This cross-country effort encouraged consumers to try something new: a more sophisticated fish taco via a sampling tour that stopped in six major cities across the United States.

Beyond a simple taco sampling, the truck delivered the added-value experience for consumers to engage with the brand through sweepstakes, events, coupons, recipes, photo capture/sharing and more that transcended the Sea Cuisine experience in all six markets.


  • 99 million impressions from tour, PR and media activities
  • Over 21 million new users engaged on brand website in just five markets
  • 44% increase in traffic to main brand website
  • 79% of tour web traffic was from new users

Attracting Visitors With a Fresh Digital Presence

A branded and responsively designed microsite for the Sea Cuisine Fish Taco Tour was activated as the digital cornerstone of this nation-wide campaign. The site informed potential visitors and drove traffic to the tour locations across the country. The microsite included one main landing page, introducing the “Upgrade Your Taco” Tour, and five location-specific sub-pages for information pertaining to each city on the tour. This strategically minded website maintained its aesthetic and superior usability across all devices.

Bringing the Show on the Road

Before the Taco Tour could get moving, we had to develop a strategy that would allow us to leverage the live efforts of the campaign with social media online. A custom version of Social Prompter‘s sharing kiosks was built for the occasion in order to create content for Instagram, which was still growing rapidly at the time. Live photographs of visitors were posted not only to the on-site kiosk, but also to the tour’s microsite and individual city pages. Talk about an effective way to influence the in-person experience while expanding your reach online!

We partnered with David and his interactive team to make sure that we had the most cutting-edge web expertise on our project where we needed it most. They were expert at understanding how to optimize the UX and UI to make the new Sea Cuisine digital experiences seamless, informative and exciting. They integrated wonderfully with our team at every step—and it sure didn’t hurt that they were fun partners to work with, too!
— MICHELE, Brand Strategist

The campaign achieved a true 360-degree activation across live and in-person brand channels. Once at the kiosk, visitors had an opportunity to view and share their image immediately with Sea Cuisine branding, and could enter for a chance to win various prize packages. This added dimension of user interaction greatly helped gauge user participation and interest, as well as pique interest about the Sea Cuisine brand. The sweepstakes and newsletter signup fields captured essential visitor data that could then be used to strategically target existing and potential customers.