Case Study: Tracx

Creating a Conversation-Starter

Design / Interactive / Social / Creative Strategy


Tracx is the leading social business cloud empowering enterprises and brands to optimize social interactions throughout the consumer journey. Founded in 2009, the SaaS brand has grown exponentially, with offices in Washington D.C., London and Tel Aviv. Its award-winning platform analyzes user-generated data collected across all social channels to provide metrics and insights that help measure a brand’s online image in real time.

My team was approached during a critical transition phase for the brand. Tracx was in need of an enhanced mobile-responsive website, a cohesive brand style guide and a set of accompanying sales and marketing materials to better present its progressive platform to prospective customers.


  • 21.6% increase in sessions in 90 days following the new website launch
  • Average 500% increase in social media interactions through new website
  • 50% more new users on mobile devices in 90 days following the new website launch
  • 30% new users discovered via organic search in 90 days following the new website launch

Time to Look the Part

Tracx’s brand/sales website is the primary gateway to its platform. Such a robust system demands an equally impressive website to promote its offerings. We carefully crafted Tracx’s online presence to accentuate the brand’s attention to detail. The user experience was enhanced to efficiently guide users through Tracx’s platform features. Furthermore, the site was built from a mobile-first perspective in order to properly serve the growing traffic from phone and tablet screens. We ensured that the option to request a demo—Tracx’s first line of customer acquisition—was never more than a click away.

We also introduced an expanded Resource section. Built to seamlessly integrate with a HubSpot lead-capture system/CRM, the Resource section helped Tracx streamline the deployment of its most impactful materials - webinars, white papers, e-books, case studies, infographics and more.


Tangible Results

My team's partnership with Tracx extended beyond the responsibility of creating a new lead-capture website. We acted as a strategic and creative resource for all brand needs. By crafting marketing tools to garner leads and establish a position as an industry thought leader, we remained in close contact with Tracx’s internal marketing team to ensure that our schedules were coordinated and deliverables were received on time - all while working across 4 time zones!

On-Brand, Every Time

Rather than source stock imagery for the new website, members of our team helped Tracx set up a photo and video shoot to provide  a stockpile of original assets. Scenes of marketers reviewing a Tracx dashboard, colleagues discussing online reports and general office interactions were all part of the package. By the end of a single day of shooting, over 400 photos were taken, along with hours of video.

With this on-brand archive, Tracx can achieve brand consistency with owned (non-stock) imagery to suit numerous marketing endeavors for today and into the future.


A new style guide was also required to ensure Tracx’s internal marketing team, working around the globe, had the means to keep all branded materials consistent.
The guide contains design parameters for all visual components of Tracx’s brand including the logo, color palette, iconography and document templates.

As both a creative and a technology partner, David’s team is an essential extension of the Tracx marketing team. Together, we planned, designed and developed a strategic lead-capturing website that effectively communicates our platform’s benefits to a wide spectrum of clients. Thoughtful, thorough and capable—they’re my team. For anyone seeking a trusted creative or digital partnership, I readily endorse them.

Putting Our Brand Materials to Work

Tracx's marketing team members have become regulars at trade show events. With the brand constantly in the public eye, its roadshow materials needed to be as impressive as the new website.

We not only helped revise the booth backdrops to have a more professional, on-brand appearance, we also designed a unique promotional item as the visitor giveaway: a plush silverback gorilla, representing “Alpha,” the brand mascot. Alpha’s story appeared with the plush and is also transcribed on the website, establishing Alpha as a strong leader, fluent in social media.