Creating value by harnessing culture.

Years of delivering marketing-based insight, combined with a strong sense of wonder, I build and lead teams to discover innovative opportunities for brands and causes. 

I connect: 

  • Business to Audience

  • Strategy to Execution

  • Classic to Cutting Edge

  • Purpose to Action

  • Script to Video & Interactive Production

  • Logic to Wonder

  • Dreams to Reality ✨

Often relied upon as a "subject matter expert" for: Experiential Marketing, Live Music, Content Development, Creative Team Leadership, Industrial B2B Marketing, Intrapreneurship, Entrepreneurship, and More

Business Categories: CPG, Entertainment, B2B, Digital, Live Events

Case Studies

House of the Hatter

An impeccably-curated, digitally-minded social event for artists, brands, and their future advocates to experience the Alternative Now. Learn about the party that is changing the way brands gain influence.


Webster Hall - Girls & Boys

How did I help elevate NYC's longest-running tastemaker party to the next level? It was quite fun, actually.



What is "social listening"? How do companies learn from their customers and evolve at the speed of today's digital marketplace? It definitely requires a "dashboard", and I worked to make Fortune 500 firms aware of Tracx's innovative offerings.


Webster Hall - GOTHAM

Round two with Webster Hall. This time for the venue's biggest party of the week. Saturday nights got a whole lot darker.


Sea Cuisine - national taco tour

Who doesn't love: Summer, Tacos, & Outdoor Events? That's right, no one. It was a pleasure to combine all three in order to bring free treats to the people!



Krasdale has supported independent grocers in and around NYC for over 100 years. I collaborate with the team behind this iconic institution. B2B and B2C. Together, we're modernizing just about everything.


RAILEX - Cold Logistics (B2B)

This project is evidence of the power that exists when smart, focused digital tools are complemented by visually impactful design. Not only did we deliver the coolest B2B website and collateral around, the project team won a bunch of industry and design awards, too.


Slake nightclub

Defining a new nightclub/venue located in the heart of NYC and working from a blank slate? Yes!



Something has been happening below the streets of NYC and I thought that the citizens of the Internet needed a way to get in on the action. Journey below and explore some of the notable, eye-catching and even swoon-worthy ads that have raised the bar in the realm of out of home advertising. This was a labor of love.


Assorted Videos

Having worked in boutique agencies focused around video production for nearly a decade, I've inadvertantly produced quite a few video projects. Here, you can sample some that didn't really fit in anywhere else.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 5.50.47 PM.png


I am proud to be a founding (O.G.) father of Worldwide Psychos. With members that span both the nation and the globe, we provide direct-to-recipient support in the areas of childhood education, food security, and housing. Our group partners with local organizations to promote the global good.

  • What can't he do? No, really, I'd like to know.
    — CMO (Client of 4 years)
  • Takes ownership of complex ideas and always delivers
    — Business Owner (Client of 7 years)
  • Effective, caring & thoughtful.
    — Head of Marketing & Business Development
  • Best son ever.
    — Mom