2013 - Lose Yourself To Dance



01. Boots in the Pool - DJ DAY
Let’s start this off with a smooth gem from an excellent album brought to my attention late in the year. Transport yourself to the desert and get ready for the ride. If you enjoy this, you’ll love the full-length, “Land of 1000 Chances.”

02. Lose Yourself to Dance - DAFT PUNK
While their other song featuring Pharrell from this year’s excellent Random Access Memories (Get Lucky) may be the most infectious, this one lets loose for almost 6 minutes of sonic bliss.

03. Latch - DISCLOSURE
I’m kicking myself for not checking out this young British duo earlier in the year. Lots of promise. The album, Settle, is filled with low key vibes. A particularly strong debut release from the beat conscious brothers.

04. Holding On - CLASSIXX
Maybe you are starting to see that this year’s mix is appropriately titled? It was a year of some hot dance tracks. Add this one to the pile and stay funky, stay fresh.

05. Dance a Little Closer - HOLY GHOST!
Another duo, this time from my ‘hood in Brooklyn. Their second album, Dynamics, may include some stinkers, but this one keeps my hope for more goodness alive. I hear that they are pretty fun to watch live.

To be completely honest, the preppy group of Columbia University grads never tickled my fancy. Until now. Modern Vampires of the City was amongst my favorite albums front-to-back this summer. Aviva freaks out every time this blasts out of our speakers.

07. Restless Leg - HAR MAR SUPERSTAR
What a performer! Har Mar just wants to have fun. The entire album, Bye Bye 17, is packed with soul-sounding throwbacks. The guy doesn’t take himself too seriously, but its about time the public paid some attention to his sonic dexterity.

08. I Sat By The Ocean - QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE
A long time favorite out with a killer album - ...Like Clockwork. Seeing Josh Homme perform it in its entirety at the Sullivan Theater in NYC, where the Late Show is taped, was a real highlight. The video below is from the taping.

09. Made To Love - JOHN LEGEND

Good friend, edu (aka Andrew Horowitz) spent almost 2 years of his life working on this Grammy-nominated album. Let’s just say that the effort was worth the result. So sexy.

Inescapable. Who would have ever thought that I’d include a song from a former boy band member. You know the deal, I surrender to the sound. This meets my criteria for “hot”.

11. The Fall - RHYE
A little more sexy time music. Think Sade, but for today. I’m looking forward to seeing this performed live early in 2014.

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that I typically include a “throwback”. Co-founder of Steely Dan’s first solo debut, The Nightfly, contained this baby. Still as fresh as it was when it was first released in 1982.

13. Dream - HUSBANDS
I came across this band BECAUSE of their music video. You've GOT to watch the behind the scenes one too!

14. Reflektor - ARCADE FIRE
Another awesome music video, but more importantly, a great new record (of the same name) from a perennial favorite.

15. Blue Ice - SHOUT OUT LOUDS
This song was "pressed" onto a chunk of ice. They made 10 worldwide. Check it out below, it's an insane idea made real.

16. Adorn - MIGUEL
Technically released in 2012, this R&B instant classic was such a big part of my sonic landscape this summer that I simply had to include it.

17. Mobius Streak - HIATUS KAIYOTE
I’m not really sure what the deal is with this one, but I heard it at the new Rough Trade shop in Williamsburg, BK and had to keep it going. Yes. Yes. Yes

18. Magic Times - MOKHOV
A not-so-rare spotify find. If you enjoyed Tycho from last year’s mix, this will be the perfect follow up. Thanks for listening. Goodnight!