2006 - Charge Me Your Day Rate

Charge Me Your Day Rate


2006: The songs on this CD reflect another great year in my life. Some highlights? LA with Laura and Jonny, A cross country road trip with Laura Dev (I saw 17 states this year), Summer break in the hamlet of  Labarthe-Bleys in Southern France, Flaming Lips live: front row, a month working for the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City, Blanks. & Tiny Whales’ CD releases, a compilation of Boston bands on the horizon, oh, and Graduation from Tufts… with honors (who knew?).

I’ve certainly seen and done a lot this year, and I want to thank those of you who have made this year so special to me the only way that I know how. This collection of songs will be the 8th annual mix with no end in sight. (Note: this disk goes out to a lot of people, and I try to include something for everyone, if you don’t like something, skip it, and above all, drop me a line.)

Please play this LOUD. This is for you!

01. Over and Over - HOT CHIP
Hot Chip have been at the center of a dance revolution this year, from seeing Blanks. open for them at Great Scott to a headlining gig at Webster Hall, the people just won’t stop dancing!

02. Blame the Sun - THE HORROR THE HORROR
From Sweden, this band is still very unknown in the States. The entire record is just as great as this song, I hope that they make it over here soon.

03. Black History Month - DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979
Ever since my friend, Jonny, showed me a remix of this band’s album I have been completely and utterly hooked.

04. She's Not Shy - IRVING
Another song from a full album filled with solid tunes.

05. Pressure - LUPE FIASCO (Feat. JAY Z)
Lupe may become the breakout success of 2007’s Hip Hop community… I’d like to hope so. Yeah, Jay Z is back and on track during the last verse.

06. Hospital Beds - COLD WAR KIDS
This band is one of two that was so impressive live that I didn’t stay for the headliner for which I bought tickets to; the other band was The Arcade Fire.

07. Out Again - AKUDAMA
Endless Recordings’ own AKUDAMA has a bunch of new songs on the horizon; this song is culled from some of the recent recording sessions.

08. Dying is Fine - RA RA RIOT
My friend from London manages this band, and has done a great job! I look forward to a lot more from this sextet from Syracuse.

09. Wolf Like Me - TV ON THE RADIO
The title for this mix comes from this song. It speaks for itself.

10. Long Distance Call - PHOENIX
Phoenix and Air are two of my favorite French (from Versailles!) musical exports. The new album that this song comes from is solid from start to finish.

11. Chips Ahoy! - THE HOLD STEADY
The Hold Steady make me reminisce about past experiences that did not even happen to me, if you dig Craig’s voice, you will love this record.

12. The Wonder - FIGURINES
I was really surprised to see this tiny Danish band in full color on the front page of the NYTimes Arts section. Goes to show you that someone up there has their ear to the street.

13. In My Arms - MYLO
One of many dance songs that took over my world this past year. If Americans could just make an effort to become less pretentious we might all love this stuff.

14. Smiley Faces - GNARLES BARKLEY
Arguably the biggest breakout success on this mix. I thought that I should give you one of the soon to be singles.

15. Bury Your Eyes - THE LOT SIX
Not just one of my favorite Boston bands, but one of my favorite bands period. Unfortunately for all of us, TL6’s final show has already happened.

16. Dancing Shoes - ARCTIC MONKEYS
The fact that every member of this group is younger than I am is astounding. They also put out the fastest selling debut album in UK history earlier in 2006.

17. The Devil - THE RAPTURE
Halloween NYC, The Rapture, Bowery Ballroom. Costumes.

18. Ventura Highway - AMERICA
Blake from AKUDAMA turned me on to this tune over the summer. Say what you will about America, but their records were produced by George Martin.

19. Winter in the Hamptons - JOSH ROUSE
I just really like this song. Thank you for listening.